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What is a Vignette?

Since the original idea of The Vignette Room was brought to life we've had a lot of friends ask us, 'What is a Vignette?

The word vignette can have many different meanings in the dictionary, but in the interior and decorating world it is essentially a unique visual short story created by curating objects to draw ones attention. Vignettes can be made up of specific items or a cluster of random bits and bobs from around the house, arranged together in a particular way to create a mood. Generally vignettes come in symmetrical or asymmetrical form. Symmetrical meaning they follow along a line of symmetry and Asymmetrical (a TVR favourite) meaning both sides are different. Having a theme to your vignette can enhance the mood of a room whether it be minimal, glam or even a boho-luxe vibe. Following on with your theme, having different textures, heights, sizes and colours to your objects and their new setting can also add to the presentation of your vignette. The thing we love most about creating vignettes is the freedom to use that eclectic item you purchased on a whim because you couldn't leave it behind in the store and giving it a purpose in a well designed vignette!

Here are some examples of Vignettes from around our home!


The Vignette Room

The Vignette Room

The Vignette Room

The Vignette Room

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