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Your Bedroom is your haven

Your Bedroom is your haven, your place to relax and rejuvenate and surrounding yourself with things you love can make this space your sanctuary. Soft lighting, beautiful scents, comfy bedding in luxurious fabrics can make the difference between a good night sleep, feeling organised for the day ahead and even make that dreaded morning rush a bit more bearable.
Here at TVR we have gathered a collection of luxurious bedding and accessories to inspire our customers to make the most of their favourite room. Currently a feature in the front of our store is the dreamy Strand 4 Poster bed frame which is a mix between rustic and glam and we can’t get enough of it. The day this baby leaves our floor will definitely be the loss of a TVR fave.
With that being said, we are still fortunate enough to display our amazing bedding on it while it is still in store and it’s amazing the difference a few simple changes on your bed can make.
We have given our TVR bed a series of small makeovers each week. Launching with a scheme of yellow hues and grey tones we moved onto a brighter berry coloured makeover and most recently changed the whole look of the bed with our more relaxed grey linen with blue accents. We love that something as simple as a throw or a cushion can give your bedroom a whole new feel.
As a stockist of a huge range of the gorgeous Kip & Co bed linen, we love showcasing the versatility of the double sided quilt covers that can change the whole feel of a room with a simple flip. For those loving their current bedding but looking to jazz up their bedroom, cushions are the easiest and most inexpensive way to create a different mood in your space, we particularly love the Bonnie & Neil range as they come in a wide range of colours with complimentary trims and detailing which make them easy to incorporate into many different schemes.
And for a truly luxurious touch, add an Icelandic sheepskin throw or reindeer hide to the end of the bed for extra texture and interest.


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