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MUST HAVE: Turkish Towels

Turkish Towels have become a must have over the last couple of years and it's no surprise as it's such a versatile item. 

Here at The Vignette Room we knew that we wanted to stock a range of Turkish Towels and really considered value for money, variety of beautiful styles and textures and of course quality. We decided that the beautiful Atolyia range of products was the choice for us.

Below is some history and most importantly a list of uses for your Turkish Towel from the guys at Atolyia themselves.

Turkey is one of the most important cotton producers in the world, and throughout history they have produced some of the most amazing textiles. Their techniques date back to around 1600, when the Ottoman Empire introduced new colours and hand-woven processes that gave the Turkish towels a lighter, softer and more absorbent texture.

Turkish towels are extremely practical, and durable. Below a list of the 5 most common uses for this versatile product.

1.  Beach, Bath and Spa Towel:  Due to their light and flatwoven properties, Turkish towels dry very quickly with very short exposure to the sun. They are perfect for a day at the beach or swimming pool as they are very light to carry and practical to pack. (The Vignette Room also adds there tip: if heading to the beach use your Hammam towel as a sarong when you arrive at the beach slip it off and lay it out for a bake in the sun and its ready and waiting to dry you off after a dip) 

Sarong Tying Techniques


 2.  Scarf:  Thanks to the combination of colours, textures, patterns, fibres and its light weight, these towels do double duty as scarves wraps or ponchos. Their bohemian look is perfect for spring and summer trends.

turkishtowel atolyia


3.  Tablecloths:  In Turkey, you can find restaurants and cafes using towels on their tabletops. A relaxed and unique look with a boho feel.


4. Throws: They are the ideal accessory for the couch and bed and make a lovely light throw for the warmer months. The variety of colors and weaving techniques means there is always one to fit into different spaces and styles.


5. Baby wraps:  Natural and soft, these towels can be used as a light blanket or wrap for babies and children. Try a beautifully soft hand loomed cotton Turkish towel for a gentle touch on their skin.


TVR. x

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