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TVR How-To - Cushion Styling for your Bed

TVR How-To - Cushion Styling for your Bed

Have you found yourself googling How many cushions should be on a bed? How do you arrange cushions on a bed? Or is my husband right when he says these bed cushions are pointless?! 
Well, you're in the right place! We've got your foolproof guide to what cushions sizes, shapes and colour/pattern combinations will work best for your bedroom styling. (Oh and P.S. The answer to the above is NO they're definitely NOT pointless!)
So let's break down the above.
King Size Bed - Dimensions: 198 x 203cm
Queen Size Bed Dimensions: 152 x 203cm
The best styling combination for a King or Queen sized bed is to use a mix of 60 x 60cm cushions, 50 x 50cm cushions and a feature size cushion in front. Our featured combinations incorporate beautiful texture, stripes, fringe detailing and a solid pop of colour to ground the look.
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