Cocolux Smoked Onyx Grande Candle - Tonka Bean & Lime

Cocolux Smoked Onyx Grande Candle - Tonka Bean & Lime 

A lush passionate scent, with zesty citrus top notes. This striking blend includes seductive notes of tonka bean, lime and verbena mixed with invigorating fresh coconut. This sweet and soft exotic perfume is the essence of summer bliss.

In a design era defined by raw unpolished materials and organic stones, Onyx tops the list with an impressive individuality and elegance that can be used to create timeless pieces. The striking stone provides the traditional sophistication of the popular marble look, yet its translucence presents a luminosity and uniqueness distinctive only to onyx.

Smoked onyx is characterized by cool cream and grey tones with a delicate sheen, a beautiful contrast to the warmth of the flame.

This size is perfect for grand rooms and larger home living areas that need a scent that will envelop the entire room.  

Cocolux coconut oil candles are hand poured in Australia from a completley natural and sustainable coconut wax blend.

1250g / 42oz - Burn Time: 300hrs

Dimensions: 15cm D x 15cm H

Light wick and burn candle until entire surface melts. Candles should burn for periods of 4 hours to ensure an invigorating scent experience. Once burnt, re-purpose the handcrafted pure brass vessel in the home or garden.

Caution should always be used when using candles. Please ensure you carefully read the entire care instructions enclosed with your Cocolux Australia Candle.


Designed with purpose to be reused long after the candle has burned. Reuse your Cocolux vessel as as vase, container for beauty accessories, planter, stationary container and much more. Be creative, for more ideas follow us on instagram.

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