My mother, Tracey, and I opened The Vignette Room in July 2015.

The concept was born from our mutual love of all things home and a feeling that there was a lack of truly immersive interiors shopping experiences.

Our retail space is located in a beautiful terrace house in Paddington, Sydney, with an “open home” feel. We focus on unique and high-quality homewares, accessories and furniture, creating an inspiring space where you can experience these pieces in-situ and you are encouraged to rearrange the cushions. To quote The Style Guru Neale Whitaker himself, “It's a clever retail concept that lets customers look, touch and play with the range. Hell, you can even jump on the bed.

Great home design is all about finding those pieces that you connect with and using these in your interior space to create your story. We believe a home should delight all the senses and we strive to create an experience when you walk through our doors that you are inspired to re-create in your own home.

Jen x