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Orissa Ikat Cushion

Orissa Ikat Cushion

Pronounced ee-kaht, this technique is a method of creating designs in hand loomed fabric by the use of resist dyeing. The distinctive blurred pattern is created by wrapping parts of the yarn with a strip of rubber to create the pattern before the dyeing process.  It’s slow, laborious work that takes a skilled artisan to master.

The weavers live in villages outside Hyderabad and have been producing these beautiful ikat weaves for generations. Not only is this a highly technical process that requires incredible skills, it is an art that is inherent in the weaver families. 

Made from 100% hand-loomed textural combination of silk and cotton, these cushions are a luxurious and sophisticated addition to your living space.

Dimensions: 55 x 55cm


$200.00 $150.00
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